Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chocolate Waffles with Strawberries

I bought strawberries last night and my daughter requested Chocolate Waffles and Strawberries for breakfast this morning.  My niece, Alisha, who is staying with us was so impressed with this that I asked my daughter to take pictures so I could also post this recipe.  I first found a recipe for chocolate waffles in an old Southern Living Annual Recipe book years ago.  It was complicated with a lot of ingredients made from scratch.  Over the years I've streamlined it by using a pancake mix (like Bisquick).  I follow the recipe on the box using 2 cups pancake mix and I add about 1/3 cup cocoa and about 1/6 cup sugar (half as much sugar as cocoa) and add enough milk or water to make it the consistency you like.  Our family puts maple syrup over the strawberries but you can use whip cream or powdered sugar or whatever you like.  Try this for your kids or grandkids next weekend and they will love you.

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