Saturday, December 1, 2012


Sorry I havn't posted in some time.  Here is the Lazy Apricot Preserves that I promised in my last posting.

Lazy Apricot Preserves

1 (2.25 lb.) pkg. Dried Apricots
4 cups Sugar
8 cups Water

In a food processor, process the apricots until very finely chopped.  Transfer to a slow cooker.  Stir in sugar and water.  Cover and cook on the high heat setting 2 1/2 hours, stirring twice, if possible.  Uncover and cook on high, stirring occasionally, 2 hours or longer, or until the jam has thickened.   Ladle the jam into clean, 1 cup freezer containers.  Let cool and store in the freezer.  (Or put in canning jars and process for 10 to 15 minutes).  Makes about 10 cups

I bought my dried apricots at Sams Club for about $8.00 and it makes enough Apricot Jam to fill 10 freezer containers.  I tried to buy apricot jam at the grocery store and it was about $4.00 for a small jar.

I don't make the Apricot Jam to eat on toast, I make the jam so I can make the following recipe:

Orange Chicken for Dummies

1 envelope dry onion soup mix
1 cup apricot preserves
1 cup catalina salad dressing
8 chicken breasts
(I've also made with a pork roast instead of chicken)

Combine onion soup mix, apricot preserves, and catalina dressing. Put the chicken or pork roast into the crockpot, cover with mixture of onion soup mix, preserves and catalina salad dressing, cook on high 4-6 hours, until done).  Serve with rice.