Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is a fun rag quilt that I made for my son, Trenton, for Christmas.  Actually he got the fabric for Christmas and I just finished it last week.  I was talking to him a few months ago and he was reminiscing about when he was little and we would buy a pizza and put a quilt on the family room floor and put the kids and the pizza on the quilt and watch a movie.  So I found this pizza fabric on ebay, cut up a lot of old jeans and now my son has a fun picnic quilt and maybe someday he will give me grandkids and they will eat pizza on this quilt and watch movies.

Check back again and I will try to post more pictures soon.  I have a halloween quilt at the quilters being quilted.  I made another halloween quilt for a young lady in my ward who got engaged on halloween last year and her wedding is in 2 days.  And I just finished a baby quilt, my step-daughter wanted frogs on the quilt and I searched and searched and couldn't find a frog pattern I liked so I made one up.

Sorry it has been a long time since I've posted anything.  At Christmas time my son Trenton came home from college (in California), and said to me "you're not going to go downstairs and sew while I'm here are you?"  So for a week and a half I didn't sew, which is very unusual for me.  And the day after he left I got sick with some bug, turned into broncitis, and I just couldn't bear to go downstairs to my unfinished basement and sew.  But, I'm back now.  This snowman quilt was a round robin at Cherry Tree Cottage where I worked a few years ago.  I've had the blocks for probably 5 years, I sewed them together in December and took it to my quilter, Brandy Mascher, she got it quilted in January.  It's been hanging in my living room since then, I just love to look at it.  Thank you to all my friends that made a block for me.